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Subject:golf war

Yo Posse

Yup, it's nickname time again, this time for some of the golfers currently competing in the USPGA tournament. Here goes:

1. John "Twice" Daly

2. Niclas "Not So" Fasth

3. Tiger "Prawn" Woods

4. Graeme "Desert" Storm

5. Boo "T. Lishus Woman's" Weekley

6. Vijay "I'm in the mood for darn" Singh

7. Stephen "Dorffrrr" Ames

8. Rocco "Inter" Mediate

9. Stewart "Kitchen" Cink

10. David "Tom" Toms

11. KJ "Pak" Choi

12. Yong-Eun "A Ying Anna" Yang

13. Fred "Jazz" Funk

14. Corey "Crazy" Pavin

15. Nick "Strap on" Faldo

16. Justin "Case it got too hot I went outside but it was bloody freezing and I ffff" Rose


Okay, so Faldo's not playing, but I couldn't resist. And the last one's a bit silly. In fact, the whole thing is a bit silly. So I'll end this with a serious observation.

If Deputy Dawg was just a deputy, who was actually in charge?


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